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Sean Matthew Kiley City of Katy Police Department, Katy, Texas

Ex-Convicted Criminal Police Officer Sean Matthew Kiley, City of Katy Police Department, Katy, Texas.


UPDATE!!! If you know the whereabouts of this ex-convicted criminal cop, call the Texas Attorney General. The name of Texas Attorney General and contact information is in these documents below. It seems The Texas Attorney General is looking for this man for being a deadbeat parent for failure to pay child support.

20140509, 201427345, Sean Kiley, Child Support Calculation, 20140509, 201427345, Sean Kiley, Citation to Sean M. Kiley and 20140509, 201427345, Sean Kiley, Civil Process Request.


This man was hired by the City of Katy Police Department and although his past criminal convictions and abuse of power complaints have been filed with Katy PD, he has been protected by the City of Katy Police Department.

If you want to see how this criminal can conspire and bring false and wrongful charges against innocent people see one of the cases' story in the following web page link: Documentation Proving the City of Katy, Texas Criminally Conspire to Bring False Charges to Citizens Who Make a Complaint.

This is the actual false report convicted criminal Sean M. Kiley and his co-conspirator Jose Noe Diaz, Jr. filed:

Jose Noe Diaz, Jr. False Report_Redacted

Please note some documents are redacted to protect the identity of the real innocent citizens. All information can be provided without redacting if proper request is made.

Although abuse of power and perjury complaints have been filed and his past criminal history have been available of City of Katy Policeman Sean M. Kiley, the City of Katy, Texas City Mayor Fabol R. Hughes,. Ex-Mayor Don Elder Jr., City of Katy Police Chief William Hastings, Byron Woytek and Captain Gay Dickerson have been protecting him at all costs.

We have information Sean M. Kiley, from the City of Katy Police Department blatantly:

1. Lied and omitted evidence to the Texas Rangers,

2. Lied to the Fort Bend County District Attorney's Office,

3. Lied to the the Harris County District Attorney,

4. Lied to the FBI,

5. Conspired with to imprison an innocent person, and

6. Conspired to cover-up the evidence.


Although complaints were made to City Mayor Fabol R. Hughes, Ex-Mayor Don Elder , City of Katy PD Chief Bill Hastings and Captain Dickerson, they continue to protect this corrupt cop.

This man is not credible and should not be allowed to testify in court in any civil or criminal matters.

Please contact us if you need any of these information.

The following contains downloadable related documentation in acrobat format (you can click on the link and save the documents).


Sean M. Kiley Criminal Record From Deer Park Police

Sean M. Kiley Criminal Conviction Judgments




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