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Jim Sharp, Texas 1st Court of Appeals Justice


Texas 1st Court of Appeals Justice Jim Sharp faces allegations of corruption for trying to use his job's influence to help a friend and making terroristic threats.

In 2012, Justice Sharp was barred from hearing a neighboring county's cases in a dispute over a shoplifting charge against a friend's daughter. Sharp faces allegations of trying to use his influence to help a friend's 15-year-old daughter. The girl was arrested January 17, 2012 for allegedly shoplifting nearly $190 worth of merchandise.

In a voice mail to a state district court judge in Brazoria County, Sharp ranted, "If I had been there in person and had a baseball bat, that (expletive) would have been cracked upside the head."

Sharp went on to call Brazoria County authorities as "a bunch of backwoods hillbillies" and promising that "things are going to change" in that county south of Houston because nobody jumped or saluted when he first butted in on the shoplifting matter.

Brazoria County District Attorney Jeri Yenne alleges Sharp attempted to improperly demand the juvenile's release and sent inappropriate texts and voice messages to county employees. Yenne filed a complaint with the State Commission on Judicial Conduct and asked that Sharp be recused from Brazoria County cases. The appeals court agreed.

This Judge was reprimanded for his abusive behaviour. Instead of apologizing, this clown appealed the reprimend. Although a Special Review Court affirmed the reprimand the 1st Court of Appeals Head Chief Justice Sherry Radack has not demanded his resignation showing a gridlock of corruption within the Texas Court of Appeals.


Please see the Special Court of Review Opinions in this link:

Jim Sharp, Special Court of Review, James Patrick Jim Sharp, Jr. Opinion-March 13, 2013






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