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Paula Marie Hartman, Harris County Assistant District Attorney, Houston, Texas.


Paula Hartman, as the head of the Harris County District Attorney's Office Public Integrity, intentionally and maliciously criminally conspired to stop a criminal investigation into the criminal perjury of Convicted Criminal Sean Kiley and his wife Lucille Kiley.

If you want to see how criminals can conspire and bring false and wrongful charges against innocent people see one of the cases' story in the following web page link: Documentation Proving the City of Katy, Texas Criminally Conspire to Bring False Charges to Citizens Who Make a Complaint.

Although abuse of power and perjury complaints have been filed and his past criminal history have been available of City of Katy Policeman Sean M. Kiley, the City of Katy, Texas City Mayor Fabol R. Hughes,. Ex-Mayor Don Elder Jr., City of Katy Police Chief William Hastings and Captain Gay Dickerson have been protecting him at all costs.

In addition Paula M. Hartman used the Harris County Public Integrity as a puppet internal agency to cover-up criminal evidence concerning a conspiracy to wrongfully convict innocent individuals even after clear and unequivocal information was sent showing a criminal conspiracy in fact shaming the Harris County District Attorney's Public Integrity Office.

After clear evidence of the perjuries of the criminals, Martina Longoria failed to prosecute the actual criminals while Pat Lykos, Michael Anthony Antonello and Paula M. Hartman intentionally and maliciously stopped the internal investigation that would expose her corruption after clear evidence was given to her about corrupt and criminal City of Katy Mayor and Councilmembers and corrupt and criminal City of Katy Police Officials proving that they:

1. Lied and omitted evidence to the Texas Rangers,

2. Lied to the Fort Bend County District Attorney's Office,

3. Lied to the the Harris County District Attorney,

4. Lied to the FBI,

5. Conspired with ex-convicted criminal Officer Sean Kiley and his wife Lucille Kiley and others to imprison innocent persons, and

6. Conspired to cover-up the evidence.


This woman is not credible and should not be allowed to testify in court in any civil or criminal matters.

Any time you speak with any of these individuals turn on your video and/or audio recorder.

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