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Judge Roberta Lloyd, Court at Law No. 4, Harris County Courts, Harris County Civil Courthouse, 201 Caroline -- Suite 740, Houston TX 77002-1900

Sherry Radack (left), First Court of Appeals No. 1 at Houston, Texas.


Sherry Radack is the head of the 1st Court of Appeals No. 1 at Houston, Judge or Prostitute? You be the Judge.

The court of appeals under Sherry Radack has been making decisions based on case laws and not on the actual Texas Laws. Many case law. Many case laws exist one way or another based on previous errors, thus there is no specific avenue to resolve many court cases since this corrupt judge bases the decisions of the 1st Court of Appeals on ambiguous cases of law and not on the actual laws of Texas.

It is well known that this judge has been biased in favor of lawyers and law firms that donate to her husband's campaign since Steve Radack is the head of the Harris County Commissioner Precinct 3.

Although Sherry Radack has said she does not accept contributions from special interests and law firms, her husband accepts them for her in what some may find highly unethical and criminal such as a pimp and a prostitute relationship.

As a matter of fact, Steve Radack's campaign contributions are full of special interests.

It has been reported that Steve Radack spent on parks and additions to parks that were not needed as wasteful spending (such as the car box park intended to have car box races, but almost nobody uses the facilities. However, the most impending question is if it is ethical to have an Appeals Justice in the 1st Court of Appeals at Houston and a Commissioner for the Harris County, which encompasses Houston accepting contributions that at the very least give the appearance of impropriety? You be the Judge.


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These are some of the Radack's Campaign Finance Reports with the contributions and expenses they chose to report:

Steve Radack Campaign Report, 20130717, 2013241

Steve Radack Campaign Report, 20100719, 2010513

Steve Radack Campaign Report, 20110120, 2011122

Steve Radack Campaign Report, 20110718, 2011275

Steve Radack Campaign Report, 20120119, 2012150

Steve Radack Campaign Report, 20121009, 2012584

Steve Radack Campaign Report, 20121029, 2012622

Steve Radack Campaign Report, 20130118, 2013111


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